It must be PAX week, because Sony has started churning out one new game story after another, giving players a chance to sneak a peek at some of the latest titles they’ll be playing on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, including Ethan: Meteor Hunter, Transistor, There Came an Echo and Rogue Legacy.

The PlayStation Blog has been buzzing with activity this morning as one post after another gives readers a chance to get the latest information on a plethora of upcoming PlayStation games, beginning with Ethan: Meteor Hunter. Already launching on the PlayStation 3 last fall, the developers at Seaven Studio have officially pulled back the curtain on a Vita version of the game, which is set to launch April 15 for $9.99. It’ll also be a cross-buy title for those who already own the console version of the game and, for the first week, Plus subscribers will also enjoy a 20 percent discount. Check that linked post for more details and clips of the physics-based puzzle/platformer in action, as we’ve still got three more games to get through this morning.

Next up, who is ready for a release date for Supergiant Games’ music-infused action adventure game, Transistor? Well, it looks like you’ll be diving into this one as soon as May 20 on the PS4, meaning you’re only about a month away from yet another unique and beautiful game from the folks behind Bastion. It’ll be 20 bucks at launch and no word yet on a possible Plus discount. Now, roll that trailer!

Still with me? Good! We’re about halfway through now. Time to take a look at the latest voice-controlled strategy game from Iridium Studios, There Came an Echo. No release date has been announced just yet but, according to today’s reveal post, we know it’ll be hitting the PS4, has some spiffy tech driving the voice recognition and spots a “heavy narrative focus,” according to Lead Designer Jason Wishnov.

Curious what a game like There Came an Echo looks like in motion? Roll trailer number two!

Finally, we come to today’s fourth new bit of info/media coming out of the Sony camp, a look at the roguelike RPG, Rogue Legacy.

Heading to all three PlayStation consoles later this year, the following video features a brief interview with Game Designer Teddy Lee, discussing how the team came up with the concept for a tough-as-nails game featuring countless heroes, loads of game-altering character traits and more.

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