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Space Engineers' Community Wants The Game Most On Xbox One

I don't know why and I don't know what style of Doritos fans of Space Engineers have been eating or what flavor of Mountain Dew they've been drinking, but man oh man are they in love with Microsoft's big black box.

Following up on our query with Keen Software House regarding Space Engineers possibly appearing on home consoles, we recently asked specifically, which consoles the developers might target if they were looking to do a legitimate port job, and CEO of Keen Software House, Marek Rosa, explained that...

“We are considering a possibility to port Space Engineers to other platforms, but we can’t comment it further at this moment. Furthermore, right now we are really focused just on the PC/Windows version.“A few months ago we asked our community what platform they would like to see Space Engineers on [via poll]”

So what happened when they asked the community which console was most likely deserving of the port job?

Well, as noted on the Space Engineer's website poll (opens in new tab), more than 22% of the fans of the game are eager to see the space-crafting, emergent, survival title appear on the Xbox One... that's right, they actually want the game on the Xbox One.

That revelation is about as shocking to me as it is to the rest of you. I looked at the list and expected to see any other console above the Xbox One for any reason at all, but much to my amazement, at the top of the list it was Microsoft's 180 Machine – although, it effectively has done enough reversals to be an Xbox 720, and since it regularly has 720p games, technically it's the Xbox 720p.

Worse yet is that the PS4 and Steam Machine tied with only 8% of the vote... it's like some kind of bizarre opposite-land over there.

The thing that baffles me the most is why anyone would want to only play Space Engineers on a console known for outputting at 720p and 30fps?

Still, Keen Software House is committed to making sure the game runs right proper on the PC first and foremost. Also, taking a look at the poll, you'll see that below the Xbox fanboys voting in droves, the glorious members of the greatest gaming platform in existence want to keep the game exclusive to PC. In fact, the poll shows that 19.60% of the GPCGMR have come forward to vote against the game appearing on anything other than the open platform of PC.

Sadly, only 1.30% of the Space Engineers have any love for the Big 'N' and wanting to see the open-space title appear on the Nintendo Wii U. So, so sad.

Nevertheless, at least those of you with PCs strong enough to handle the title, you can enjoy it in all its glory right now on Steam.

We'll have up the full interview with Keen Software House's Marek Rosa. For more information, feel free to pay a visit to the official website (opens in new tab).

Also, just for those of you who have no idea what Space Engineers is about. Check out this user-made video of a rather popular spaceship in action.

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