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Spider-Man 3, First Trailer Of Venom For PS3 And Xbox 360

The Sandman, Green Goblin’s son and Venom are a treacherous group of super-villains for Spider-Man. But the friendly neighborhood Spidey isn’t completely without a few tricks up his sleeve. Check out how the blue and red spandex-wearing super-hero deals with some unyielding foes in this new trailer.

Spider-Man 3 is easily going to be the biggest blockbuster of the summer. And as always...gaming publishers are jumping in on the licenced property cash-flow. Activision, in this instance, has the black-suited Spidey poised and ready for current-gen and next-gen platforms. And to showoff what gamers can currently experience from the third outing of Peter Parker’s latest adventure, Activision has released a new trailer that gives us a glimpse of Venom. But that’s not to mention that there’s also extended footage of Spidey’s battle with the Sandman...very impressive looking. Check out the trailer below.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.