The upcoming Star Trek video game features a new storyline set between the 2009 reboot and the soon-to-be-released Star Trek Into Darkness. A new trailer provides an overview of this tale, considered canon in the new Star Trek universe.

The game begins with the Enterprise responding to a distress call from Vulcans stranded on a space station. One of the Vulcans is a female named Tamara. It seems that she and Spock have some history, though it's currently unexplained.

The Vulcans are attempting to build a new homeworld for themselves called New Vulcan. They're using a mysterious Helios Device in order to speed up the process. However, this device has unexpectedly created a rift in space. A violent, reptilian race known as the Gorn has emerged from this rift.

Soon after the Enterprise arrives at the space station, the Gorn attack. They kidnap Tamara and steal the Helios device. The Gorn intend to use the device as a weapon. The crew of the Enterprise must stop that from happening.

The game is mainly a co-op shooter starring Kirk and Spock. However, there will also be ship battles and "space dive" sequences to spice things up.

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