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Now that Star Wars: Battlefront's beta is wrapping up, DICE is sharing more details about the full version of the game. Today they announced four more multiplayer modes.

The first mode, Hero Hunt, is a "Kill the Carrier" experience. One player is designated a Hero or Villain while seven others are average troopers. The troopers try to hunt down the lone Hero/Villain. The longer this lone player survives, the more points they'll earn. Whoever kills the Hero or Villain will become them and try to outlast the competition.

Taking down these iconic characters isn't easy. Each has a distinct set of special abilities that make them a formidable force in combat. For example, Luke Skywalker can block blaster shots with his lightsaber and toss enemies with the Force. Boba Fett can make a speedy escape with his jetpack and rain down death with rockets and a flamethrower. DICE recommends that troopers use powerups like Proximity Bombs or Turrets to even the score.

Heroes vs Villains mode pits teams of troopers and special characters against each other. While the Heroes and Villains can do the most damage to the enemy team, you have to protect them from harm. The team that kills the enemy's special characters the most will win.

In Droids mode. two teams of six players fight to control three GNK units on the map. The GNK droids are wandering around the map so you'll need to chase them down before you can capture them. Your team has to capture and hold all three droids before the match's 10-minute timer ends. There are no Heroes, Villains or vehicles in Droids mode so the match is determined by your gunfighting skills and teamwork. Level designer Dennis Brannvall said that there are a few different ways you can go about winning the match:
You can choose a slower, explosive play style by equipping Thermal Detonators and Cycler Rifles. But your team can also embrace the dynamic, chaotic nature of the game mode and equip Jump Packs to get around the map and chase the Droids as fast as possible.

Cargo mode sounds a bit like the Blood Money mode from Battlefield: Hardline. Rebels and Imperials are both scrambling to collect ten pieces of cargo in the middle of the map and bring them back to their base. However, the enemy team can steal cargo from your base so you need a balance of offense and defense.

Each team only has six players in Cargo so you'll be spread thin. Powerups are once again key. A lone player can mount an effective defense with turrets or proximity bombs. Items like jump packs and smoke grenades allow for speedy offense.

These new modes will be joined by previously announced match types Walker Assault, Drop Zone, Supremacy, Blast and Fighter Squadron. When you need a break from competitive multiplayer, you can also play single-player or co-op Missions - the closest thing the game has to a campaign.

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