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The closed beta test for StarCraft's expansion Heart of the Swarm is drawing to a close. Blizzard will be taking down the test servers in preparation for the official launch.

The beta began late last year. Interested gamers were able to opt in through their account. Players who pre-purchased the game through the Blizzard Store were guaranteed access.

The public test will wrap up on March 1st. Blizzard will continue to hold a private test, though. The private beta is being held so that the game can be featured at eSports events throughout March.

Heart of the Swarm, the first expansion to SC2, adds a new campaign starring Kerrigan. It also introduces new units for all factions in multiplayer. New online features include player clans and a leveling system.

"We’re incredibly thankful for the feedback and data our testers have produced throughout the beta, and we hope that all testers continue to practice, prepare, and pursue XP levels in the beta through the end of February,"

Swarm will officially launch on March 12th. The expansion will be available in standard, digital deluxe, and collector's editions.

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