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Blizzard decided to shake up a slow Friday afternoon with some big reveal. They released the first trailer for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

Heart of the Swarm is the first of two expansion packs planned for SC2. It continues the single-player campaign - albeit from a Zerg perspective - and also adds new features for multiplayer. The second expansion pack, Legacy of the Void, centers around the Protoss and should complete the story arc.

The CGI trailer seems to take place right after the end of SC2: Wings of Liberty. Jim Raynor's ship is under attack by Terran Ghosts. They're looking for someone: Kerrigan. We don't find out much more than that but it's enough to keep SC2 fans chatting all through the long weekend.

Blizzard previously stated that they doubt Heart will be released by the end of 2011. Looks like they're about confirm one way or the other, though.

Update: The trailer was pulled off GameTrailers, oddly enough. I guess Blizzard didn't mean to release it this early. Anyhow, check it on YouTube below before it's gone.

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