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Starbound Beta Has Launched With An Endearing Beta Trailer

ChuckleFish has launched the beta for Starbound today and the team has let loose an amazing new beta trailer that details some of the space travel, the action, the adventure and some of the social aspects that could make just about any gamer fall in love with what Starbound has to offer.

The game is a glorious, expansive side-scrolling RPG that takes gamers across the great expanse of a procedurally generated universe. You can relive Star Trek fantasies with friends, making up your own Kirk, Spock and McCoy. You can strap up your britches, grab your pulse rifles and go alien hunting like a James Cameron sequel that never was. You and your friends can settle on a planet, build farm houses on the far reaches of a star dust farm while you watch the many moons of an adjacent planet circle your abode. You can finally catch star beams glittering across the stratosphere of a planet that many would have thought was a moment trapped in a fading memory that would dissolve like tears in the rain.

Simply put: Starbound is the grand adventure game many role-playing fans have been waiting for.

Players can customize their character, acquire unique armor and clothes, scavenge through ruins, dig deep tunnels across unknown worlds and develop, craft and scavenge procedurally generated weapons and gear.

Many gamers have hailed Starbound as Terraria 2.0 or Terraria In Space, and that's essentially what the game is.

Being able to venture around, sharing experiences with friends and unknowns alike is a pretty awesome thing. The absolute scale and scope of the thing is what's so impressive... the fact that your journey can be contained to a small, singular planet or expand to the far reaches of space is just an awesome thing to even consider as a play experience.

Here's hoping to the beta rolling out smoothly enough that the game will at least live up to the expectations in some way.

The team is sending out Steam keys soon, and many of you who pre-ordered should have received your keys from the Humble Bundle by now. It's also available on Steam's Early Access page. No word yet on the PS Vit and PS4 version, but they could be arriving soon after the PC beta gets stabilized, hopefully.

I get the feeling that Starbound could easily be one of the biggest sleeper hits this generation with a little tender, love and care from the developers.

The only emergent indie game we need out on the market now is the DayZ standalone alpha, and then life will be complete for hipsters the world around.

You can learn more about Starbound and the awesome adventures that await you, your friends and your family alike, by paying a kind visit to the game's official website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.