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Starting today gamers can help test the multiplayer modes for Starhawk. Sony announced today that the PS3 exclusive, the spiritual successor to Warhawk, will be hitting stores in May.

"It’s always sad to end a three-day weekend, but we hope this news is good to hear – Starhawk will be hitting store shelves May 8th!" said senior producer Harvard Bonin on PlayStation.Blog.

Starhawk takes place on the frontier of space. It supports battles of up to 32 players. Battles are a mixture of third-person shooting, vehicle combat, and real-time strategy. Players can build structures like bunkers and armories in the middle of the fight.

Though it's not featured in the beta, Starhawk will also include a single-player campaign. The campaign follows Emmett Graves, a gunslinger mutated with rift energy. He's hired to protect a distant colony from outlaws.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can play the beta starting today. Everyone who isn't a subscriber will have to wait until February 21st. There are a few other ways to get between today and February 21st, though.

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