If you didn't get into Starhawk's private beta this fall, you're getting another chance to try out the game. LightBox and SCEA Santa Monica will be launching a public beta for the PS3 multiplayer action game on January 17th.

Not everyone will be able to start playing on the 17th, though. That's the day when private beta participants and PlayStation Plus subscribers get access. If you have a beta voucher from a new copy of Uncharted 3, you'll get in on the 31st. The beta will be open to all PSN users on February 21st.

You can also win a beta key through giveaways. GameStop and the official PlayStation Facebook page will both offer voucher codes that let you start playing on February 7th. IGN has a promotion in the works as well that will give you access on February 14th.

"This is NOT a demo. You can expect to find bugs and the vast majority of the game features planned for the final game will not be implemented," warns SCEA senior producer Harvard Bonin. "Of course, many of you will not read this sentence and will expect the Beta to be final quality. We ask that the community help itself and remind players that this is a test. It happens to be a pretty fun test, but it is a test regardless. Keep an open mind and we’ll continue to regularly update the Beta with changes based directly on your feedback. Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to help make games? This is your chance!"

There's no mention of when the beta will end. Starhawk will be released later this year exclusively for the PS3.

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