Steam Machine Benchmarks Compared Against PS4, Xbox One

Futuremark Studios is known very well for their premier 3DMark software suite, which is used to benchmark hardware for tech nerds and hardware enthusiasts. The company revealed a collection of new data from benchmarks they held comparing the Steam Machines with applicable specs, and you can see where they rank on the chart compared to what the Xbox One and PS4 are similarly rocking.

Futuremark was quick to make some disclaimers about the test results before rolling out the numbers, noting...

“We've trawled through our results database to estimate 3DMark Fire Strike scores for each configuration with confirmed hardware specs. These estimates are based on PCs with similar hardware running Windows. The performance may differ under SteamOS using Linux drivers, but the relative differences between machines should be the same.For Steam Machines with prices, we've also been able to calculate a measure of value - how much 3DMark performance you get for your money.You'll find all the numbers summarized in a handy table on our website, which we will update regularly as new details emerge.”

With that out of the way, you can see what the scores are below, courtesy of Futuremark.

Those numbers probably look foreign and incognate. However, as mentioned in the comparison with the CyberpowerPC and PS4/Xbox One, the eighth gen twins are rocking AMD-equivalent GPU specs, similar to the 7770 (Xbox One) and 7870 (PS4), respectively.

If you check out the numbers above and then compare them to the benchmarks below, you get an idea of where the Xbox One and PS4 rank amongst the Steam Machines that have their specs lying wide open for public perusal.

The numbers seem to be rather consistent with other benchmarks, as Extreme Tech noted the PS4 would be about 50% more powerful than the Xbox One as far as graphics performance goes. That coincides perfectly with the results we've seen where the PS4 has double the pixel resolution of the Xbox One in various cases, running games at 1080p, where-as the Xbox One is relegated to either 720p or, in some rare accounts, 900p.

The numbers in the images above seem to very well fit the case at hand, where multiple tests and real-world results show that the PS4's graphics capabilities are twice that of the Xbox One. The numbers also give us an idea of where both consoles rank when measured up against their PC counterparts.

While it may be obvious that the GPU department is no comparison really – the Steam Machines trump all in that category – the CPU still partially comes into question as to how well it will play a part in the overall long-tail performance game. When we pull up the numbers from the previous benchmark we see that the CPUs of the Xbox One and PS4 really don't hold a candle to the i7. Intel's beastly CPU (per core) is nearly double the performance of the eighth gen twins.

It will be interesting to see where the CyberPowerPC and iBuyPower units rank on Futuremark's benchmark test, because that will determine how much of a performance edge the similarly priced Steam Machines will have on the consoles as far as raw performance goes.

Be sure to keep an eye out on Futuremark's benchmark page so you can see how they continue to rank the Steam Machines as the information and data becomes available.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.