Street Fighter X Tekken Contains 56 Disc-Locked Colors

Capcom has promised fans that a free color pack is on the way and many gamers are wondering exactly how many colors will be free and whether all the remaining colors in the pack will be free or premium. Well, new info has shed light on the situation revealing that there are 56 additional colors locked away on the disc.

The total color count comes up to 60, however two of the colors are for the character's standard default palette and the other two are the now infamous white and black colors that Street Fighter X Tekken fans have been complaining about for the past two weeks. You can check out all the colors in their uber-glory below.

Many fans have expressed displeasure at the fact that the core game itself only offers two color options within its impressive and elaborate color customization utility, which ultimately cripples the feature from a lot of creative out-of-the-box use. And while Capcom has said that they will offer a basic color pack for free, there still leaves room to question about all the other colors.

For instance, there are eight glowing colors and eight metallic colors. Now it seems quite obvious that if the colors are disc-locked they obviously weren't meant to be unlocked for free (assuming we're using the same logic as to why Super Street Fighter IV ports are also disc-locked and not on the main roster). Now it's probably safe to assume that Capcom wouldn't give away all the other 40 colors for free, but I'm betting they would probably give half of those away for free as the first color pack, just to give gamers a taste of the good stuff (giving them the benefit of the doubt, of course).

Based on how cool some of those specialty colors look, I'm betting they will carry a simple $4.99 price tag for each of the special sets where-as additional regular colors will probably carry a $1 price tag. This is a speculative guess based on the recent leaked pricing of character costumes, which carries a $1 price tag per costume.

Keep in mind that all of the premium content features in Street Fighter X Tekken are completely and entirely accessible right out of the box for Namco's Tekken 6, including multiple costumes per character, customization and color options without an additional fee or a microtransaction policy.

We'll continue to keep you posted on further developments regarding this situation involving the disc-locked content for Street Fighter X Tekken. Also, if you have any further videos, screenshots or info on the DLC, feel free to send us a tip.

Thanks again to Shoryuken for doublebrians' video.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.