Rejoice, PC fighting fans, as your precious Street Fighter X Tekken DLC finally arrives next week. And since you waited so very, very long for this extra content that hit consoles about seven months ago, Capcom is even dishing out the goods at a reduced rate.

Usually when we have news that includes both Capcom and DLC, it can be filed in the “are you freaking kidding me?” category. The publisher has become somewhat notorious for charging ridiculous prices for ridiculous content that, more often than not, was already included on the game's disc.

This time, however, the news is actually half decent. Yes, the fact that it has taken the team this long to get DLC to the PC version of Street Fighter X Tekken is upsetting, but at least Capcom is attempting to do right by their fans and offer said content at a deep discount.

The 12 additional characters that originally hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game last summer will finally roll out for the PC this coming Wednesday, Feb. 6. While the characters would have originally set you back 20 bucks, Capcom is reporting that the entire bundle will be available for 75 percent off for the first two weeks. In other words, yeah, you had to wait a really long time to get these additional characters, but now you'll only be paying $5 for the lot of them.

So, what do you say Street Fighter X Capcom PC fans? Is Capcom forgiven?

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