Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Unlock Guide For Xbox 360

A new YouTube video has surfaced showing how gamers can make the most out of the content already locked on their Street Fighter X Tekken disc. The instructional guide runs down a simple list of steps to follow for those of you who already own the game.

I'd imagine anyone reading this article already knows about the DLC fiasco, but just in case you don't you can read up on what's locked and why with this detailed article right here. It gives you an idea of what Capcom is up to with this expanded take on locking out finished content for the game. As for accessing it...well, there are a few things to keep in mind: 1) you need a modded console. 2) you need a DVD burner. 3) You need a copy of Street Fighter X Tekken.

While many will argue that gamers aren't entitled to everything on the disc due to legal reasons, it doesn't mean you can't access it anyways.

Thanks to YouTube user Gungrave2k6, who will undoubtedly find himself on the end of a banhammer from Capcom if they ever catch wind of this (although, if no one else tells Capcom we promise we won't).

What's interesting about this whole scenario is that a forum poster brought out and mentioned that this whole thing never would have come to light unless hackers and pirates had shown us the truth. It's scary to think that the hackers were more mindful of us gamers and aiming to inform us more than the company that supposedly sells us products that we purchase to keep them in business. Just some food for thought.

Also, you can learn more about just how much is disc-locked in this game over at Venture Beat who has up a new article on the scenario and Angry Joe provides some worthwhile points and counterpoints to the whole thing. Don't forget to check out the actual pricing of the disc-locked content for Street Fighter X Tekken right here.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.