Born Ready Games' self-published title, Strike Suit Zero, has officially launched on digital distribution platforms and is available on Steam at this very moment at a 20% discount off the original release price, making it a steal at $23.99.

The game is a classic mix of space-shooter combat infused with over-the-shoulder, third-person mech action. The game has a deep space conflict sitting in the backdrop of the story, as players uncover emerging threats and engage on a variety of missions as the plot unfolds. You can check the game out in action below.

For me, it was hard to get into the game after playing the preview build. It didn't really appeal to my tastes, but then again I'm not every gamer out there. I found that there was a lot of maneuverability and a bit of sameness to the weapon selection given the targeting mechanics.

Nevertheless, Strike Suit Zero is a Kickstarter game that finished its goal and is aiming for release across multiple platforms. Those who backed the project will eventually see Born Ready Games' space-action title evolve and blossom into a multiplatform title that will arrive for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, eventually.

You can pick up a copy of the game for PC right now or visit the Official Website to learn more about this new-age rendition of Thexdar.

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