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Super Smash Bros Glitch Lets You Control 8 Fighters At Once

If you can't find friends to play Super Smash Bros on the Wii U with you, maybe you can have a solo party and play all eight pugilists on the screen by yourself. Yes, it's possible to do so thanks to a minor glitch involving Amiibo that one gamer discovered while messing around with Nintendo's multiplayer fighting game.

Uproxx picked up some news from Gamenesia where they spotted a video uploaded by YouTuber Toon, who explains how to control all eight fighters at once in Super Smash Bros on the Wii U.

The glitch allows players to control each of the on-screen characters with a single controller. Players are able to fight each other and have a match of eight fighters all duking it out at the hands of a single person. It's not really something that's terribly convenient for the purpose of accomplishing anything worthwhile other than messing around with having all eight players being controlled by one person.

I imagine that this will likely be used for machinima purposes more than anything related to increasing the playability of Super Smash Bros. In fact, this little glitch would be perfect for putting together coordinated dance videos. Someone just needs to find a good tune and organize some spiffy choreography to make it happen.

So essentially, you'll need a Wii U, a Gamepad, some Amiibo, a Pro Controller and a whole lot of patience.

Toon explains in the description box how exactly to make the glitch work. It involves opening up the eight-player menu and moving the controller – preferably a Wii U Pro Controller. You'll need to unsync the controller and tap an Amiibo onto the GamePad. You'll need to sync the Wii U Pro Controller back to the game and move it again. This should put the controller in control of player 2.

You have to rinse and repeat that method for each of the slots up to the seventh slot. Once you get to the eighth slot, according to Toon, you'll need to enter the options menu. After entering the options menu you'll then have prompt control over all eight character slots. It's an insane sounding glitch but Toon states that once you pick the character and go to select the stage, the glitch should work.

I'm curious if Nintendo will patch this glitch out in any future updates or if they'll let it slide?

It's kind of funny and complicated and expensive, so it would actually be in Nintendo's best interest to leave this particular glitch alone. I mean, think about it... you'll need to pay for Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U, you'll need to buy an extra Wii U Pro Controller if you don't already own one, and you'll need to buy the Amiibo for the characters you want to play as in the game. This is probably one of the most expensive glitches I've ever seen.

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