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A little over a month after Sony unveiled the new version of the PSP, Nintendo has announced the Nintendo DSi, an update of the Nintendo DS.

It's a "complement" rather than a "replacement" of the Nintendo DS - which means it's better in some ways, worse in others. Well, only worse in two ways. First, the battery's got less juice. Also, no more Game Boy Advance slot - which means no rumble cartridges or other peripherals, either. Instead, the DSi has a slot for an SD card for storing photos and software. Yay for more storage, boo for less nostalgia.

That's right, photo storage - you'll need it for the two cameras on the front and back sides of the DSi. Apparently they've caught the "let's put cameras all over our gadgets" bug. At least one camera will probably be incorporated into future games in some fashion.

The DSi will also be slightly thinner than the DS Lite and have slightly larger screens. Like the PSP and iPhone, the DSi has an online store where you can download games. The games will cost 200, 500, or 800 Nintendo Points - though a few are going to be free, too.

So when does the world get this marvelous new device? The DSi hits stores in Japan on November 1st and will arrive elsewhere sometime in 2009. It will run you about $180.

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