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The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us developer Telltale Games will launch two episodic adventure games in 2014. The studio is working on games set in the Borderlands and Game of Thrones universes.

The Borderlands game is called Tales of Borderlands. In the teaser trailer, a well-dressed man and woman enter Marcus' gun shop. They show him a mysterious device and he warns them that they're going to get themselves killed. After all, he says, they're not Vault Hunters.

While Borderlands is traditionally a co-op shooter series, Tales sounds like something different. Players aren't gun-toting commandos and sirens shooting up anything in their path. If Telltale's involved, this is going to be a character-driven game in which you rely on your wits to survive.

The Game of Thrones game received a trailer as well but it's less informative. We don't get a peek at any of the characters.

"An epic new chapter in the saga of Westeros is about to be revealed," the trailer said. At a bare minimum, it seems to rule out the possibility that this game will be a direct adaptation of the Thrones TV series. Instead, we'll be experiencing a brand-new story.

When the rumors of a Game of Thrones game first broke, I floated the idea of a Bronn or Brotherhood Without Banners story - in other words, Telltale would be fleshing out characters we only know in passing. It seems equally likely, though, that the game could star a character that we never encountered in the show or in the novels they're based on.

It looks like 2014's going to be a hectic year for Telltale. The Walking Dead's second season will debut later this month and run well into 2014. The same goes for Wolf Among Us, an episodic series based on the Fables comic book series.

While the details are scant on Tales of Borderlands and Game of Thrones, I'm sure we'll know more either tomorrow or Monday when Telltale sends out official press releases.

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