The thing about a blob is that, the more you feed it, the bigger it grows. Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, for instance, was fed copious quantities of critical praise when it first released for the PlayStation Vita and, now, it’s ready to take on the massive world of PC gaming via Steam.

In Mutant Blobs Attack, players take on the role of a…wait for it…mutant blob. Sick and tired of seeing your fellow blobs experimented on, you make a brave escape and find yourself lost in some lame frat house. Tiny at first, you will need to eat up as many random items as you can while making your way to each level’s exit. You’ll also need to solve a bunch of physics and timing based puzzle along the way, occasionally earning additional powers to make traversal easier.

As you grow bigger, you’ll become able to maneuver around larger and larger obstacles, eventually gobbling up tanks and humans without breaking a sweat.

DrinkBox Studios has made a few changes in porting its game to the PC. For starters, this latest version supports Steam Achievements, cloud saves and leaderboards. Since the Vita utilized tilt for additional minigames, those have been updated to better fit the new platform. The game also supports an Xbox 360 controller and offers all sorts of new references and bad jokes hidden throughout the levels.

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is available right this very moment through Steam. The game has been marked down 10 percent ($7.99) for a limited time.

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