Terraria is finally ready to dig into home consoles, bringing its unique blend of classic RPG antics and Minecraft-esque goodness to the PlayStation 3 on March 26 and the Xbox 360 on March 27. For those of you who value your free time, consider this your warning.

Taken at face value, Terraria basically looks like a 2D version of the hit indie do-it-yourself game, Minecraft. But while Terraria does share many of Minecraft's key elements (like digging, crafting and lots and lots of building), what sets the game apart is it's humongous focus on exploration and adventure.

Players can spend a ridiculous number of hours crafting items and building their very own castle set atop a floating island, sure, but then they can spend just as much time digging through the massive randomly generated game world fighting baddies, searching for treasure, donning new gear, exploring castles and dungeons and besting massive bosses. I like to say that, while Minecraft has evolved into a building game with RPG elements, Terraria is more of an RPG with building elements.

Now that we're done with all of that comparing, I'm here to tell you that Terraris, on the PC at least, is utterly brilliant. I can only assume that the formula will translate nicely to consoles which, quite frankly, has me a bit frightened. As I mentioned a while back when it was first announced that Terraria was coming to consoles, I found myself more than a little addicted to the game. I spent quite a number of hours building up my own little castle and a village to surround it, and way more hours digging into the game's seemingly endless map of constantly changing environments and enemies.

It was announced in late January that Terraria would finally be making an appearance on consoles in February. Only a little late to the party, it turns out the game will actually finally be available on the Xbox 360 (1200 MSP) and PlayStation 3 ($14.99) next week. For additional info, media, etc. head on over to the game's official website.

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