Today the Final Fantasy series takes a musical turn. Square Enix has released Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, a 3DS rhythm game based on the long-running RPG franchise.

Theatrhythm players travel through the series' history, from the first Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy XIII. Each game world presents rhythm-based challenges set to the official soundtracks. Players must follow the beat of the music with their taps in order to make it through the different Field, Battle and Event stages.

The game isn't without RPG elements. Completing stages levels up your characters, in turn making it easier for you to complete future challenges. You can also unlock additional characters, difficulty levels, music and cutscenes.

Most 3DS owners would probably prefer a new Final Fantasy RPG rather than a rhythm game. Still, a musical game isn't so ill-fitting for the series. The soundtracks for these games have always been stellar so why not celebrate them?

Theatrhythm debuted in Japan on February 16th. The European launch is scheduled for July 6th.

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