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Capcom has just confirmed that the seminal horror classic Resident Evil 2 is being remade.

GameSpot posted a video created by Yoshiaki Hirabayashi himself of Capcom's R&D Division 1 where the project was greenlit officially.

Hirabayashi explains in the video how the project came to fruition, naming the "incredible passion and support" the fan community showed Capcom and how it helped spur the actual remake:

"You've been telling us for years that you want Resident Evil 2 to be remade, and we haven't been able to make it happen... until now! We at R&D Division 1 will do our best to take on your feedback and deliver the gameplay experience you've been waiting for."

Of course, this is the very first stage of what will likely eventually become one of the company's biggest projects since the Resident Evil remake back on the original GameCube and its later appearance on modern consoles.

It's also convenient that the decision to go ahead and create a remake came right after we reported on the impressive fanmade Resident Evil 2 in progress -- the very same one that Capcom took note of. It's likely seeing fans coming together to create this type of project spurred a dormant project at Capcom. There's no way this all just happened and this chain of events unfolded so quickly.

Of course, it's possible. It's a little unprecedented, since usually Capcom's first response to these kinds of projects is a cease and desist order or the request to shut the entire thing down. It's probably because the fan projects end up almost as impressive or even better than the final products, which is often the case with these kinds of things.

There aren't any specific platforms on the docket for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake, but it's probably going to make its second debut on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Resident Evil HD Remaster was released earlier this year on January 20 for similar consoles and ended up becoming the fastest-selling digital download for the company since, well, ever. That probably contributed to the Resident Evil 2 kerfluffle.

But the bottom line is, it's going to be another remake to add to the collection, and a way for older generations to experience one of the classic horror titles of the PlayStation era. And let's not forget that the GameCube exclusive title Resident Evil Zero is being graced with its own remake as well, coming down the pipeline (hopefully) soon.

Now, if Capcom could fix the obvious mistake that Resident Evil 6 was, we'll be in business. Better to revisit the past first and give the fans what they want, I suppose.

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