Eidos Montreal has been very hush-hush about Thief 4 ever since they announced the stealth game way back in 2009. Today's leak, a video showing part of a CGI trailer from the game, breaks the silence in dramatic fashion.

In the video, master thief Garrett (it better be Garrett anyway) heads out into the night on a job. We catch glimpses of some of his tools: lockpicks, some sort of electronic cylinder, and a collapsible bow. I'm not sure what that cylinder is supposed to be - a mine? - but everything else looks like vintage Thief action.

The video was uploaded by Eric Wong, a lighting and compositing artist whose company assisted Eidos with T4 back in 2010. Considering a few years have passed, this video might not be representative of what the game looks like now. Still, I don't expect Eidos to muck with the premise of Thief too much. Garrett's not going to be a tuxedo-clad gentleman robbing space stations in Thief 4. In all likelihood, he'll still be hooded bad-ass robbing the nobility of a steampunk city.

Eidos didn't mention Thief 4 at this year's E3. It's unclear how close the game is to release. Again, we've heard next-to-nothing about it since the initial announcement.

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