Thief 4, the long-awaited continuation of the stealth series, might still be far from release. A new report suggests that the game won't be available during the current generation of consoles.

The latest issue of OXM says that Thief 4 is now being prepared for next-generation consoles. Its release is now expected in late 2013. That's around the same time that the new Xbox and PlayStation will supposedly launch. CVG consulted their own sources and say that this rumor is accurate.

The Thief series stars Garrett, a master burglar who makes his living off robbing nobles in a steampunk city. The games received a lot of attention due to their emphasis on stealth above all. While Garrett was capable of taking out enemies by surprise, he didn't hold up very well in a straight fight. Players were encouraged to stick to the shadows, move quietly, and use gadgets to evade foes.

Eidos Montreal has said very little about Thief 4. Studio head Stephane D'Astous said back in 2010 that they were trying to adapt the game for a "a wider audience without diluting the content." That seems like a hint at a more action-oriented experience but all we can do is guess.

An alleged cinematic video for Thief 4 was leaked in June. That trailer suggested that Thief 4 would have the same setting and protagonist as previous games. Hopefully that's still the case.

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