Thief 4, Deus Ex 3 Targeting Wider Audience

Eidos Montreal has kept Thief 4 and Deus Ex 3 under tight wraps thus far. However, in a recent interview the studio's boss Stephane D'Astous outlined their general strategy with developing the two highly-anticipated sequels.

"I think the challenges lie in that they were very well recognised and appreciated before in the past, but they need to be taken to another level," D'Astous told VGHeaven. "We need to make these games very attractive and accessible to a wider audience without diluting the content."

Both franchises have a very dedicated cult following and some of those fans are no doubt cringing at the phrase "accessible to a wider audience." One big reason Deus Ex: Invisible War (the second game in that series) wasn't as well-received as Deus Ex was that it stripped away the latter's RPG elements. Still, "accessible" doesn't always mean "watered down."

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.