Tim Schafer Shows Off How He's Been Using The Kickstarter Money

Tim Schafer let some images loose on the progress he's making on the KickStarter program and exactly where the money is going...you might be a little bit surprised once you see the images for yourself.

Schafer released some new screenshots of some of his progress and what he's been doing with the Kickstarter fund thanks to the Venture Beat. As the main image of this story indicates, you might want to bring a sense of humor with you.

It's a jovial bit of news to keep the industry a bit on the lighter side of all the darker practices permeating this beloved hobby. The images Schafer let loose are basically a comical compilation of all the things the supposed rich "fat cats" are accused of doing, including smoking dollar bills, using dollar bills for toilet paper, having fans made out of dollar bills and stuffing dollar bills under the couch. The one that's new to me is eating money....I've never heard of that one before but it looks like we have something new to use as a euphemism for rich fat cats. Nice.

Seriously, though, Schafer and crew at Double Fine are consolidating resources now and plan to show gamers exactly where their hard spent money will be going with a completely transparent behind-the-scenes documentary showing the development process every step of the way. Definitely looking forward to that. You can learn more by paying a visit to the Official Double Fine Productions Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.