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Titanfall PAX Prime 2013 Gameplay Introduction Video

A new gameplay tutorial and introduction video has been released that gives gamers a very visual and almost visceral rundown of how Respawn Entertainment's upcoming Titanfall will play. The video relates entirely to the PAX Prime 2013 gameplay demo that was on display but it also gives you an almost complete idea of what the actual gameplay will be like when it launches next year.

The former Infinity Ward heads, Jason West and Frank Zampella, headed up Respawn with the clear goal of dethroning Activision's Call of Duty franchise from the top of the crop as the king of the first-person shooter genre. After that embarrassing Project Icebreaker fiasco and the following lawsuit settlement, West and Zampella went dark and then later re-emerged with the next-gen shooter, Titanfall.

The game pits soldiers and titans against each other in fast-paced multiplayer bouts. Now imagine Call of Duty on ecstasy with a hint of meth and a dose of Mechwarrior... the explosive combination is basically an addict's FPS heaven.

While I'm not really into the fast-as-a-jackrabbit shooter genre anymore (burned out on too many Korean F2P titles and AAA blockbusters), the game does at least seem to offer some form of originality so that players who aren't gung-ho headshot artists can at least make use of the stages to specialize in backstabbing techniques, or alternatively use the titans to even the playing field against those who are fond of running and gunning.

The video above, courtesy of Team Beyond, really hammers in how varied the playstyles are and that the game seems to reward players using different kinds of playstyles. One of my biggest gripes with Call of Duty is that if you're not good at running and gunning and getting blink-and-you-miss-it kills, you're not going to win. Titanfall actually falls closer to the line of Battlefield than it does Call of Duty, and this will certainly help to give it a form of identity to not only thwart the King of FPS titles, but to also separate it every-so-slightly from the rest of the herd.

Gamers interested in Titanfall need not have to worry about waiting for too long. The game is scheduled to arrive in early 2014 as a timed exclusive for Microsoft's home consoles and Windows PCs (and thankfully it's not exclusive to Windows 8).

If there is one drawback to the typical AAA offerings, it's that the game won't come with a typically over-scripted single-player campaign. If were you're hoping for endless pre-scripted explosions and terribly linear, corridor campaign maps, look elsewhere because Respawn has stated that they weren't dividing the team or wasting resources on a single-player campaign that most people will breeze through with little thought or effort. No complaints here.

You can learn more about Titanfall by paying a visit to the game's official website. Advertorialism complete.

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