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Titanfall Not Exclusive To Windows 8, Gamers Rejoice

Due out this fall for the Xbox One and PC, many gamers have been curious if the game would force them to upgrade from the currently loved and workable Windows 7 to the somewhat loathed and patience-belaboring Windows 8. Well, the good news is that Respawn Entertainment has clarified that the game is not a Windows 8 exclusive, sending a chorus of praise and cheers throughout the gaming community.

DSO Gaming pinged the Respawn Twitter as to whether or not the game would be exclusive to Microsoft's latest OS -- the same OS that Microsoft didn't even use to demo games at E3 -- and the Respawn account responded with the following...

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Oh nice.

However, given that some official Twitter accounts seem to spread a lot of misinformation, I wonder how legit this is?

Anyway, Dualshockers tried framing a narrative around the reasons Titanfall could be a timed exclusive and not releasing on the PS4 as a launch title, catching quotes from Vince Zampella in an IGN interview, where he stated...

The day we announced the studio, an hour later I’m on the phone with our Microsoft rep. ‘We have dev kits. Tell us where to send them.’ There were no hoops to jump through…that’s just the relationship we have.It allowed us to think of the game a little differently. That was the perfect solution.

Well that makes a lot of sense and completely explains everything. In my own mind and potentially in the minds of other gamers, we'll always think: Timed exclusive = $$$.

Anyway, Titanfall was one of the few games during E3 that actually managed to get people to stop thinking negatively about the Xbox One for a few minutes. After the gameplay demo ended, however, people then went back to thinking negatively about the Xbox One.

Titanfall is set for release this fall for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Also, I'm with Dualshockers: how on Earth will the Xbox 360 version work given the scope of the game or will it be as gimped as the original Xbox's version of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter?

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