With a bunch of people constantly throwing ideas our way to feature their products in gift guide lists, even when some of the products deserve about as much mention on this site as a discussion about the benefits of a concentration camp gas chamber at a bar mitzvah, it doesn't mean we don't have a list of things gamers should be thankful for. In fact, here at Gaming Blend we have a top 5 list of things gamers probably didn't even think that they should be thankful for, even when the items are especially important and deserve a great amount of thankfulness.

Game Cards
While most lists at more reputable sites will include things gamers actually care about, like the new Logitech G602 or the Razer Tartarus. Sorry, you won't find high quality ideas here in this list. However, you probably didn't think that you might find a use for game cards... yes, game cards. Those $5, $10 or $20 cards you're likely to find at your local retailer can really come in handy as cheap, effective gifts for rug rats hitting or leaving puberty. For the little rug rats you have game cards for things like ROBLOX, while big rug rats can make use of game cards for things like Steam Wallet. Cheap, effective and completely useful for when you can't remember what your kid actually likes in life.

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