Today is the day. Rise of the Triad from Interceptor Entertainment and the rejuvenated Apogee Software has officially launched for the PC Master Race. You can grab your copy of the game right now from digital outlets and portals for only $14.99.

Rise of the Triad is a remake of the classic first-person, sprite-based shooter from Apogee that released back in 1994, following on the heels of other big first-person shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein 3D.

The game gained some notoriety back then for being an ultra-violent shooter, and managed to carve out its own little place in history, more-so than Blake Stone, Hugo's 3D House of Horrors and Corridor 7. Unfortunately, it was jammed between the extremely successful Doom and the prestige of Duke Nukem 3D. Sadly Rise of the Triad just didn't have enough room to grow. After that it was all about the transition into 3D shooters with Quake and Shadow Warrior, and Rise of the Triad has been sittting on the shelf of nostalgia... until now.

Interceptor Entertainment decided to reach deep down, way down, into the way-back bag of retro gaming and pull out a remake of this classic shooter. The game is designed to make full use of all the gaming elements that made it famous back in the day, including lightning fast shooting mechanics, over-the-top gore and violence, as well as ridiculous things like Dog Mode and Mushroom Mode.

The game isn't just about going back in time to bring gamers a new version of something old. The team has also updated the core mechanics to fit in well with today's new-generation take on gaming, including advanced graphics and control mechanics, weapon physics and dynamic stage interaction and post-processing effects to help give gamers a much more immersive feeling of gameplay.

As noted in the press release...
As one of the five members of the elite High Risk United Nations Task Force, you are trapped on an island overtaken by the crazed cultists of the Triad plotting on world domination. Blast your way to freedom and leave nothing but chunky gibs and fear in your path.

The game will also manage some community supported modding capabilities provided by Interceptor. The mod tools will arrive shortly after the game releases, providing the community with a cool alternative to DLC. If you want new content you can simply make it or download something someone else made.

I honestly think that if the tools are good enough and the community is established, Rise of the Triad could be one of those games that gets a nice long digital shelf life with plenty of content to keep it both popular and financially lucrative. I mean, just check out something like Garry's Mod or Killing Floor, where all the community made content helps keep the games fresh and invigorating.

You can pick up a digital copy of Rise of the Triad right now for only $14.99 from, Steam, Desura and a number of other digital outlets where you can purchase PC games. What are you waiting around here for? Head on over to the official website to relive some classic Golden Era history. Now how about that remake of Biomenace?
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