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This horror game might feel oddly familiar...can’t put your finger on it? The game has been in development for awhile with an initial release date listed on its Kickstarter as March 2015, so many were surprised to see the quality of the newest trailer which feels very much like a 1999 version of Silent Hill or an early version of Resident Evil or Fatal Frame. Take a look at the new trailer below.

NightCry was successfully funded on Kickstarter with over $300,000 in funds. Players take control of Monica, as it appears from the gameplay trailer on the Kickstarter, who is stuck on the cruiseliner from hell. A creature known as the Scissorwalker is stalking passengers and killing them off and it’s up to the player to survive. If you would like a better idea of the story, you can view the gameplay trailer below, which was released to backers on the Kickstarter.

Honestly, I admire this game for its nostalgic trip back to games like early Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and Resident Evil. It has managed to capture this charm that I thought horror gaming had lost, which yes, could be part of the older-looking graphics. The Scissorwalker is a terrifying villain seemingly materialized from everyone’s worst nightmare. For how many people enjoyed early horror games, I have a hard time believing players won’t enjoy NightCry. Although Rely On Horror makes a good point about the game: the newest trailer was sent to backers only. Rely On Horror pointed out that wouldn’t the developer want people to know about the game? Why was it released to backers only?

NightCry will be officially releasing on March 29 onto PC. If you want more information on the game, you can check out the Kickstarter page for the game.

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