Trials Fusion is set to get its first batch of DLC on July 29 as “Riders of the Rustlands” roars onto the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions of this trick-happy race-a-thon.

Announced yesterday via the Ubiblog, Riders of the Rustlands is the first of six planned DLC pack for Trials Fusion, throwing in some new tracks, editor objects, challenges and Trophies/Achievements for all to enjoy. This chunck-o-DLC will set you back $4.99 by its onsie, or you can buy the season pass for 20 bucks and get this, as well as the remaining DLC packs, at a discount. As a helpful reminder, Ubisoft Communications Specialist Anne Lewis explained in the announcement that anyone who picked up the physical version of the game already has access to the season pass as part of your initial purchase.

So what, exactly can we expect out of this first DLC pack for Fusion? Aside from the five new Achievements/Trophies that you kids love so much, you can dig into 10 new tracks including six classic tracks, two new Supercross tracks for local multiplayer, one new Skill Game called “Laws of Motion” and one new FMX track called “The Gauntlet.” There are also 18 new track challenges to master, as well as “dozens of new editor objects,” including a steel pipe set, wooden ramp set, computer mainframes and more.

Anne Lewis went on to prep riders for what they can expect out of the second DLC pack, called Empire of the Sky.

“The second content pack…will take players far above the planet to explore floating islands later this summer,” she said.

Empire of the Sky will include nine new tracks, as well as 18 new challenges, a bunch of additional editor objects for fine-tuning your own courses, and another five Trophies and Achievements. The remaining four packs are a bit more of a mystery, with only their names revealed so far. Stay tuned between now and early next year for Welcome to the Abyss, Fire in the Deep, Fault One Zero and After the Incident. Sadly, Adventures in Dinosaurland did not make the cut. To be fair, it was never even mentioned by the developers at Redlynx, but a boy can dream, yeah?

For those of you who would appreciate a look at the Rustlands DLC nice and early, it looks like Ubisoft will be showing off one of the upcoming tracks at RTX in Austin, TX. Look for the livestream this Saturday, July 5, beginning at 1 p.m. PST.

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