Two Codes Have Been Released For Lego Dimensions

Finding cheat codes in games have become a rarity. The majority of titles now focus on selling gamers cheat codes via DLC. Well, one game has decided to stick to tradition and allow gamers to unlock new features by inputting cheat codes, and that game is none other than TT Games' Lego Dimensions.

There's a small post over on Go Nintendo with a link to a video from YouTuber TheBricksFamily, where he covers the currently known cheats for Lego Dimensions. You can check out the video below.

The first code is 5MZ73E and must be entered into the code section within the Extras Menu when you pause the game. It will unlock the “Way of the Brick”, which is a cheat that enables fast-building mode in Lego Dimensions. For those who have played previous Lego titles you'll find that with “Way of the Brick” turned on it will be possible to quickly assemble parts, objects and vehicles a lot quicker.

The second code, which also must be inserted through the Extras Menu when you pause the game, is JYJAFX. This code will allow players to easily find mini-kits scattered throughout the game. It's also known as the “Rare Artifact Detector”, or R.A.D. There were similar codes in other Lego games that had similar effects, making it easy to find the kits.

In the video above, he attempts to find another code, but to no avail.

This is one of those rare games where code searching actually becomes a thing, and gamers will undoubtedly work together to discover new codes, cheats and buffs for the title.

It's refreshing that TT Games decided to implement old-school cheats into the game. Other games like GTA V, Saints Row IV and Assassin's Creed see gamers having to pay DLC to access higher-end equipment or some cheat mechanics. It's a really unfortunate time because instead of forcing players to use their wits to discover something new or rare about the game, companies are encouraging people to pay real money to cheat their way through the title. Video game pundit Jim Sterling referred to this tactic as “Pay not to Play”, given that gamers are essentially to pay for ways to cheat through the game or not have to play some segments.

In the case of Lego Dimensions the cheats are right there embedded into the game. So you don't have to pay not to play.

The only problem with Lego Dimensions that some customers have brought up is that the game can become a serious money sink due to all the toys that can be bought for the title to unlock new characters, items and vehicles. The game is designed similar to the likes of Skylanders or Disney Infinity, so if you want new characters, areas or special trinkets you'll have to buy the accompanying toys. This is where companies make most of their money from interactive, toy-oriented games.

Nevertheless, at least it's possible to play through most of the game and access the cheats without having to pay for it via DLC.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.