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If you're a small development studio, a game design enthusiast, a gamer looking to create the next big indie title, or you just want to dabble around in one of the most popular, emerging game engines, feel free to give Unity 4.0 a free test run now that the public beta has become available for download.

Unity Technology sent out word that Unity 4.0's public beta is out and about for public consumption. You can give the new features, updated features, upgraded features and new platform support a test run, including out-the-box compatibility for the iPad 4 and iPad Mini.

As stated on the official blog...
We want some good testing of this build, so please test your project folders and your existing web player games with Unity 4 plugin installed. File bug reports (Help -> Report a problem menu) for anything that is a ship-stopper issue; otherwise we’ll only do some finishing touches and Unity 4.0 will be out for real. We aren’t calling this build a “release candidate 3″ for nothing.

Unity 4 isn't just for indie devs and small studios, though.

As evidenced in our interview by Unity Technology's CEO David Helgason, Unity 4 will be a multiplatform beast, capable of handling projects small enough for the iPhone and large enough for the Wii U.

I'm definitely excited to see what sort of potential the Unity 4 engine will bring to the scene, especially given how popular the Unity Engine has become during the end of this generation and during the emerging popularity of Kickstarter.

You can download the public beta of Unity 4.0 right now or learn more about the engine by visiting the Official Website.

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