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The latest Resident Evil re-release is shambling toward a June launch date, with Capcom announcing that fans will soon be able to relive the joys of re-killing zombies in Resident Evil 5.

The Resident Evil series has come a long way over the years and, to celebrate its 20th birthday, Capcom is launching enhanced versions of the three most recent entries in the storied horror series. As it turns out, the updated version of Resident Evil 5 is set to arrive on June 28 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Some folks count Resident Evil 5 as a distinct turning point for the series and, depending on who you ask, how welcome that shift was is debatable. The first three Resident Evil games were all about atmosphere and making the player feel like they were up against nearly impossible odds. Every bullet counted and it didn’t take much to put those original series heroes down for the count.

Resident Evil 4 was a sort of meeting point between those older styles of gameplay and what has become the new norm. Leon Kennedy returned to the fray in what was, at that point, the most action-heavy entry in the series to date. Still, atmosphere and daunting odds were a pretty big part of the equation.

Along with introducing a cooperative partner, Resident Evil 5 changed things up by putting an even bigger focus on the gunplay, almost completely foregoing the creepy atmosphere in order to deliver an all-out third-person shooter. Resident Evil 6 followed suit but, according to rumors, the possibly-in-development Resident Evil 7 is expected to return to the series’ horror roots.

But while we wait on Resident Evil 7 and Umbrella Corps to drop, Capcom will soon continue with its plans to re-release the three most recent entries in the series on modern platforms. Resident Evil 6 arrived earlier this year and there’s still no word on when Resident Evil 4 will be available, but we now know that Resident Evil 5’s latest version is coming later this month.

This version of the game will support a higher frame rate, which should make the proceedings appear nice and smooth. The 1080p visuals should help with that aspect of the game, too. Also being added is a new game mode called Mercenaries Unlimited, which should give players even more fun scenarios to blast their way through.

As you probably guessed, all of the game’s DLC will also be included with this re-release, including extra skins, the story content for Jill Valentine, as well as the No Mercy mode that, until now, was exclusive to the PC version of the game.

So between these re-releases and Umbrella Corps, not to mention recent discounts on various platforms for Resident Evil games, it seems like Capcom is doing a good job of celebrating the big two-oh for the series. Hopefully we’ll hear something about that next game in the series soon, too.

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