WWE 2K16's Latest Gameplay Video Is NXT Tag Team Match

2K Games released a new gameplay video for WWE 2K16, featuring a tag team match between NXT superstars Colin Cassidy and Enzo Amore versus the Vaudevillains. It's a five minute romp that shows off a ton of moves.

You can check out the video below featuring both teams, courtesy of the WWE 2Kdev YouTube account.

There are some good things on display and some not-so-good things. Some of the moves that Finn Balor helped film during the motion capture process come off really well, and you can see that Yukes, Visual Concepts and 2K Games did a good job in bringing to life some of the more vivacious moves featured in NXT.

Here we get to see how some of the tag moves come off in WWE 2K16. The big boot to the face from Cassidy with the help of Enzo looked good, and the hot tag for the turnbuckle splash was a nice touch. Some of these moves look really smooth and have a nice flow to them throughout the match.

For a few of the spots I was actually impressed with the flow of the sets, it almost looked like watching a real match. One of the things that kind of hurt the game, though, is the lack of fatigue. While the match skipped through to show the most important parts, if someone had come in on the middle of the video and didn't see the timer it would be impossible to tell just how far into the match they were.

I'm reminded of the old THQ games (or any of the Fire Pro Wrestling titles) where wrestlers would get visibly tired as the match wore on, showing signs of stamina drain and tiredness. The fatigue also affected the way some wrestlers could pull off moves and whether or not counters were as effective later on in the match. Those kind of features really helped add a lot of the psychological elements to the match, something that's missing here in WWE 2K16.

Also where was the sweat in the match? It appeared in previous trailers but was no where to be seen in the video above. I know it's a glossy aesthetics that doesn't really add a lot to the gameplay, but even still, it was something Namco added to Tekken and something Team Ninja added to Dead or Alive.

Also the crowd sounds are kind of funny given that in NXT the Full Sail University studio isn't that big yet in the video it sounds like they're in a full blown stadium.

The commentary in spots was pretty good. I did like that they talked about Colin Cassidy's background, I don't know how tiresome that may become during the actual matches, especially if they keep repeating certain lines but mentioning certain things about specific wrestlers really helps add to the match dynamic. I kind of wish we had today's commentary and graphics with yesteryear's gameplay from WWF No Mercy.

Anyway, you can look for WWE 2K16 to launch ripe and ready for the old-gen consoles and the current-gen consoles starting October 27th, day and date against Halo 5: Guardians.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.