It looks like Wargaming is looking to extend its reach beyond the borders of video games to produce a digital magazine…That just so happens to be about video games. If you’re a fan of games that feature a lot of stuff going “boom” and the people who make those games a reality, it’s a free publication you might want to check out.

Wargaming, best known for its massive battle games like World of Warplanes and recent D.I.C.E. Award recipient, World of Tanks, have put together a digital publication appropriately titled, Let’s Battle. It’s available on smartphones and tablets right this very minute for the low-low cost of exactly zero dollars.

Let’s Battle focuses primarily on all Wargaming projects, including news, highlights, interviews and even a bit of insight into military history. You can also expect interactive game guides, making this a pretty obvious download for fans of the World of… games.

“We are always looking for new ways to engage gamers with the content and projects we are creating,” said Alexander Shilyaev, Director of Global Operations for Meta Games and Service Apps at Wargaming. He also happens to be the proud owner of one of the longest titles in history. “With the digital magazine, we’ll be able to provide more coverage than ever to our player community, creating and molding our publications to fit the needs of a tech-savvy generation of modern gamers and military enthusiasts worldwide.”

Currently, World of Tanks boasts one of the largest online communities in gaming, sporting two teams of tank-driving tread-heads looking to gain some total ground superiority. The game first launched back in 2011 and currently boasts a community of 78 million, a figure that is expected to grow even larger now that World of Tanks is primed to make its console debut on the Xbox 360. World of Warplanes only arrived on the scene this past winter and has already garnered an audience of more than 4.5 players. The studio’s third offering, World of Warships, is due out sometime this year.

In other words, Wargaming has a lot of buns in the oven at the moment, which means they’ve also got a large number of stories to tell. And that’s exactly where Let’s Battle comes into play, offering interviews, sneak peeks and historical tales fans of these games should be able to sink their teeth into.

You can grab the first issue free of charge now off of iTunes or Google Play. As for what this seminal issue holds, here’s a rundown of what you’ll find on the digital pages.

-Interactive guide on medium tanks with useful tactics for urban maps.
-Detailed overview of new tank functionalities, including information on Japanese vehicles and World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition.
-Interview with Petr Bityokov, one of the original founders of World of Tanks.
-Flight combat tips for aerial victory in World of Warplanes.
-Exclusive details on the upcoming naval action MMO, World of Warships.
-Illustrated account of two historic WWII battles, the Battle of Kursk and the Battle of Philippine Sea, and more on military history, warfare and games.
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