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Relic Entertainment is wrapping up development of the first downloadable content for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. The Exterminatus DLC, which introduces four-player co-op to the third-person action game, will arrive in a couple weeks.

Exterminatus will be released on the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 on October 25th, according to Eurogamer. Note that this is a Tuesday, though. Therefore, European PS3 users will have to wait until their weekly update a day later.

In the new Exterminatus mode, a squad of four Space Marines must fight off Orks and the Forces of Chaos. The mode will have two scenarios upon release, called Assault on Hab Center Andreas and Escape from Kalkys Facility. Players can choose from three classes: Tactical Marine, Devastator or Assault.

The mode is integrated with the competitive multiplayer of the game. Any perks you've unlocked in competitive play can be used in Exterminatus. Furthermore, any progression you make in this co-op play will affect your multiplayer ranking.

Relic told Eurogamer that they're planning additional Space Marine DLC as well. Producer Andy Lang mentioned that "there will be a free component to them as well as some paid components."

Space Marine was released on September 6th. The single-player campaign stars Captain Titus, who must lead a group of Marines defending an Imperial Forge World from an Ork invasion. Players use a mixture of ranged and melee combat to wipe out their enemies. The competitive component of the game allows players to battle it out in team deathmatch or capture-the-territory game modes.

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