Watch Every Mortal Kombat X Fatality Right Now

If you're a Mortal Kombat player who suffers from extreme impatience, I have a special treat; you can now experience all of MKX's glorious gore, without any of the practice.

Today, a YouTube user uploaded a massive compilation of Mortal Kombat X fatalities. According to the creator, the video contains every single fatality in the game.

Check it out:

That's nearly 16 minutes of fatalities, all uncensored, all brutal, all gory, all very gruesome. I probably should have said this earlier, but if you're squeamish, you may want to skip over the fatalities from Kung Lao, Ermac, Mileena, Jax, Goro, and Johnny Cage.

How this game managed to escape with just an 'M' rating is still a bit baffling, especially in comparison to Hatred, which landed an AO rating for violence, blood, and language. That's right, Hatred doesn't even have gore, but it landed the AO rating. Yet, Mortal Kombat X includes someone getting turned into a human piece of diced cabbage and it's fine and dandy with the "Mature" rating.

Some of the fatalities are kind of goofy, like Liu Kang splitting his opponent in half after leaping high into the air and blasting the kombatant apart with a splits-kick. Or Cassie Cage shooting out the knees of her opponent followed by a bullet in their head; she follows it up by putting a piece of bubble gum on the wound and watching it pop for the win. Another of Cassie's finishers sees her taking a selfie with an opponent after splitting their lower jaw open. It's as gory as it is hilarious, especially when reading the text under the photo posted to the Friendships page.

However, some of the fatalities are extremely gory and disturbing. As mentioned, Ermac crumples his opponent up while slowly pulling their insides out. In one of her more gruesome finishers, Mileena begins eating her opponent alive, all while they scream and attempt to crawl away, leaving a stream of innards flowing onto the ground. It's one of the goriest images that I've seen for a long time.

The fatalities that really push the boundaries, have some gamers feeling uneasy. The balance between satirical violence and repugnance is extremely delicate. I'm sure we won't hear the end of it as Mortal Kombat X starts selling like hot cakes across the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

You can purchase the game from participating retailers and digital distributors. The seventh-gen rendition of the game is due for release this summer.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.