Watch Gamers Turn Chatroulette Into A First-Person Shooter

The internet is full of tons of amazing things, and this video is definitely one of them. 

This Chatroulette video is actually a very clever ruse. British studio Realm Pictures allowed some very lucky random internet users the chance to experience a real-life "first-person shooter" orchestrated by Chatroulette and Omegle and Skype calls to create a real-time choose-your-own-adventure game. 

It's certainly an awesome-sounding experience, especially since players were truly able to interact with the action going on on-screen. When random users connected on the chat programs, they were given the option to begin the "game" by typing the word "start." They then received instructions to direct an actor with a camera over the air. The actor, who sounded like a bad copy of David Hayter's Solid Snake, would act out the instructions and do what he was told. It was an interesting setup, and for the most part it seems like people were really into it. 

I'm not really sure how the game went on when the actor got "eaten" by zombies, however, or how it seemed he was "hitting" them with a crowbar, unless it just wasn't hard enough to actually hurt. I really liked the execution of the idea as well, but it would have been a lot cooler if it wasn't zombies, yet again. I also hesitate to call it a first-person shooter, because there's not a whole lot of shooting going on in this video, especially near the first part of the game. The actor seems like he or she doesn't know how to handle a gun in a game, abandoning weapons instead of holding on to several. I guess it's more realistic like that. 

Later on near the end there are plenty of different weapons, but the way they're used isn't that entertaining. I suppose they get points for holding the weapons in exactly the same way you'd see them in an actual shooter. I also didn't like the "level 1" tag at the bottom right of the screen,because no self-respecting game features a "level 1" display on its HUD, especially in zombie games with a cinematic feel to them. There also aren't any in-game indicators telling you to go to the next level. But I suppose I'm a bit nitpicky. 

It's still pretty impressive, however, and Realm Pictures had an interesting idea going on here. Given the fact that most people who log on to Chatroulette or Omegle usually have the camera aimed toward their genitals or are waiting to say something rude, I'm actually quite surprised there were these many people to go through with the prank. At least it's not another person aiming to make a lot of money streaming League of Legends.

I'd like to see this done again with a different setup, but I do have to agree it's pretty creative, and I'd probably rather do this than sit through another Dead Island. Hey, how about a live-action Metal Gear?