Watch These Super Smash Bros. Matches Where Luigi Wins By Not Moving

We already knew that Luigi was the superior sibling in the Mario family, but we didn't know how formidable his fighting skills were until we watched the guy trounce every Smash Bros. DLC character without ever moving a muscle.

You know the old saying “I could beat you with one arm tied behind my back?” Well apparently Luigi has taken that bad-assary to a whole new level, challenging every competitor in Super Smash Bros. to a brawl where he refuses to fight back.

The above video takes just a tiny bit of explanation. If you watch it cold, it looks like two people are playing Smash Bros., one flailing about hysterically while the other, controlling Luigi, does nothing until the other player launches themselves off of a ledge.

In other words, it's not super entertaining combat unless you know what's actually happening. Youtube user Omega Tyrant decided to put the green-clad hero of the Super Mario Bros. series to the ultimate test, pitting him against every DLC character to arrive on Smash Bros. with their skills pumped all the way up to the max level. Instead of fighting back, however, Luigi simply stands there and stares down the competition, daring them to knock him out. Without exception, everyone from Lucas to the Fire Emblem trio to Bayonetta herself only succeeds in sealing their own fate.

Even in a battle boasting all of those characters at once and Luigi still refusing to throw a bunch, the mustachioed hero of the Mushroom Kingdom comes out victorious.

Omega Tyrant never really offers an explanation for why Luigi is such a bamf. He simply states that he ranked up the difficulty and watched everyone knock themselves out in a frantic effort to overthrow the Green Goliath. There's actually a moment in the fight with Lucas where Luigi appears to move on his own, but it turns out that his sole jump in the entire clip is due to the fact that every character in the game automatically jumps when breaking out of a freeze.

My theory? It's got to be that Luigi death stare. You know the one I'm talking about, right? The one that Luigi first broke out in Mario Kart 8, a move that helped propel him onto greatness and having an entire year named in his honor.

If it's not that, then I suppose something far-fetched like luck, a sheer number of tries or mathematics can be offered as reasoning, but I prefer to put my faith in the fact that Luigi is just an unstoppable force of nature.

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Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.