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This Week In Video Games: Black Ops 3's Missing Feature And PS4 Price Cut

The older I get, the more I value games that don't waste my time. I don't have patience for gamers that take 10 hours to get going anymore. I realize this is a can't-win situation for developers, because they'll get crapped on by other people if their game is less than 20 hours. Personally, though, I prefer a tight game that doesn't outstay its welcome. It provides new twists and challenges at a reasonable pace and then that's it.

This is why I'm so unwilling to dive into another MMO. These games are designed around time sinks. You grind for dozens of hours through mostly pedestrian quests so you can hit level cap and then actually play the good content like raids or advanced dungeons. I really want an MMO that's just raiding and nothing else. Why doesn't that exist?

Top Stories Of The Week

Mighty No. 9 Finally Has Release Date - It's too bad you didn't raise $4 million through Kickstarter and unlock the "avoid constant disappointment" stretch goal.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Xbox 360 and PS3 Won't Have Campaign - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4's PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will just be a $40 sign that says "BUY A NEW CONSOLE."

Why Halo 5 Doesn't Have Split-Screen - That kind of technology won't be possible until 1983.

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Version Will Go Back On Sale Very Soon - Good thing you guys didn't delay the release of the PC version past the June launch date. That could've been very embarrassing.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Is Getting A Sequel - Voice actors still better at announcing Bethesda's games than Bethesda.

Game of Thrones Intro For World Of Warcraft Is Fantastic - Game of Thrones' intro is probably the only thing that gets imitated more than Game of Thrones.

Xbox Boss Doesn't Care About Console War - "I really don't go for this whole competition thing. I mean, sure, I want the Xbox One to outsell the PS4, nab better exclusives and ultimately beat Sony so bad that they withdraw from game development altogether but...wait, what was I talking about again?"

Last Of Us 2 Rumors Addressed By Naughty Dog - Naughty Dog is still trying to figure out what cover-based third-person shooter with stealth components and a key character that almost dies at the end that they're going to make next.

Dungeon Defenders 2 Early Access Coming To PS4 - PS4 owners will now know the joy of paying money for a game that might never be finished.

PS4 Price Cut Is Coming Soon, Microsoft Says - Sounds legit. I mean, it's not like Microsoft has a vested interest in convincing you not to buy a PS4 right now.

Video Of The Week

GTA 5 players have found a way to become a sasquatch:

Quote Of The Week

"I love playing games in my family room with my kids. I love people coming together and watching what's happening on screen and laughing, and the kind of fun of what video games were always about. That doesn't mean that can't happen in a kind of socially connected VR environment, but to me it would be too bad if all gaming became people with head mounted displays on, headphones on, kind of blocked out from everything that happens." - Xbox boss Phil Spencer, talking about why he hopes virtual reality doesn't become the default option for gaming.

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