This Game Of Thrones Intro For World Of Warcraft Is Fantastic

Game of Thrones has one of the most memorable entrances in television history. It's not overdone or overly bombastic, just a simple fly-through of toy pieces erected to represent the regions in George R.R. Martin's mythical fantasy land. Well, someone decided to do a similar thing for World of Warcraft.

The name of the video is “World of Thrones” and it's done by YouTuber Marc Ottensmann. Check it out below.

Unfortunately the intro ends rather abruptly and most denizens of YouTube were quick to take notice. They were cordial about the quick finish but begged Ottensmann for more. According to the animator he stated that he had a deadline and that it had to end where it did.

Yes, Ottensmann is an animator and he explains in the description of the video how it came about and how a friend convinced him to combine the intro of Game of Thrones with the World of Warcraft...

It started already a year ago but got serious in the last months when I [chose] it to be my final project for my animation course at university. It's neither as great as the original intro from the TV series, nor as great as the game, but I tried to make something I can be satisfied with. And maybe, there will be a (better) Season 2 of World of Thrones. We will see.

There are tons of requests for Ottensmann to include many more cities from World of Warcraft in the intro. A number of requests have gone out for the Undercity, as many claim they would love to see that brought to life in the particular style used in the video above, while others clamored in textual format to see Silvermoon, Maelstrom and Darnassus brought to life as well.

While his intro for “World of Thrones” may lack a lot of the various cities featured in Blizzard's popular MMO, it does a good job of bringing a few of the well known cities to life. He also does a fine job of getting the 3D to look and mimic the stop-motion effect that the HBO series appears to employ for the intro.

The Game of Thrones intro has been remade in a number of different ways, including someone making a version for The Legend of Zelda, Legos and even one for Super Mario Bros.

The intro is easily one of the most recognizable and engaging in recent times, showing that a popular intro can go a long way in pop culture.

As far as World of Warcraft is concerned, Ottensmann might return to it and add more cities and possibly extend it to finish out with the song. If it goes viral he could even make a decent penny on the ad revenue, assuming he uses a cover for the theme song of Game of Thrones as opposed to using the original from Ramin Djawadi.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.