Bethesda’s Fallout New Vegas finally became available this past week and with it came the obligatory glitches and subsequent patches. The only thing is that one system was left out of the loop during all of this, can you PS3 fanboys guess which one it is? EA’s Medal of Honor is on track to being a top selling franchise once more and that means it could be receiving a sequel. In not-so-surprising news, Microsoft released a complete, detailed line-up of all the launch titles that will become available for Kinect, totaling 19 casual-oriented games to go alongside the release of their controller-less gaming device. These stories and more in this October 23rd, 2010 edition of the Game Blend Weekly Recap.


Alliance of Valiant Arms Lockdown DLC is Live. New maps to take your aggression out on not-so-helpless psychopathic prisoners.

Sharkoon X Tatic SX Headset Available For Xbox 360, PC and Wii. A sharp new headset for gamers who like to game in style.

Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 Road To Wrestlemania Mode Detailed. All the backstage drama from the TV show is now captured for the game.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Cinematic Trailer Released. Check out the official cinematic trailer for the highly anticipated expansion.


Nintendo Downloads Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Thruspace.

Civlization V Mongol Babylon DLC Release Date Announced. Keeping civilizations fresh with new content.

Fallout New Vegas Is Xbox 360 Exclusive. Uh oh, is that flamebait I hear?

Mortal Kombat Trailer Features The Resurrection of Scorpion. A nice little trailer featuring everyone’s resurrected ghost-warrior.

Xbox 360’s Kinect Complete Launch Title Line-Up Revealed. And by line-up try 19 games on for size. Yikes.

Wii, PS3 Netflix Now Disc Free. You can start watching movies using streaming software instead of a hardcopy.

Mad Catz WwE All Stars Fightstick and Fightpad Coming Soon. It’ll be easier pulling off bodyslams and 450 splashes…well, theoretically, anyway.

THQ Signs On For More SpongeBob. If an LP sells….it sells.

Steam Hits 30 Million Users.Steam Hits 30 Million Users. Moving up on…next up is 50 million.


Assassin’s Creed Creative Director Joins THQ Montreal. What a nice little turn of events. It should be interesting to see what the guy pulls out of his hat for THQ.

Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney Announced For 3DS. Because we’ve all been asking for this.

Demon’s Souls Beaten In One Hour. Now that’s funking hardcore!

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II System Requirements Announced. Can your rig muster this game?

THQ Retains UFC License. They’re not giving it up jus t yet.

Karaoke Revolution Glee Release Date Announced. Because all those flaming TV viewers can’t wait to get grab a copy of this.

TRON Evolution Battle Grids Coming Exclusively To Wii. Mini-games and multiplayer abound.


Fallout New Vegas G.E.C.K. Now Available. Let the fanboy rage begin.

Medal of Honor Sells 1.5 Million Free Multiplayer Mode Incoming. EA’s 3 million goal is starting to look very real. Does this mean a sequel is in order?

Call of Duty Black Ops System Requirements Unveiled. Can your rig muster the awesomeness that is Call of Duty Black Ops? Click the link to find out.

Free Mafia II Copy With PhysX GTX460 Purchase. You may as well get something free for buying something you would have bought anyways.

Toy Story 3 PlayStation 2 Bundle Announced. Toy Story 3 PlayStation 2 Bundle Announced. Who would have thought the PS2 is still such a important factor in the console race?

Pandora Saga Announced By Atlus, Set To Arrive In 2011. A new MMORPG with 600 players doing battle in siege wars.

Witcher 2 Console Versions Uncertain.
Just how uncertain are they? Well, you’ll have to click the link to find out what he hold up is.

God of War Collection Headed To PSN. If you don’t feel like having a boxset taking up space in your place, just settle for the boxless digital copy.


Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Looks Like It Might Suck. Hard. Real hard.

Good Old Games Giving Free Jagged Alliance To Beta Users. This is definitely a good deal…mercenaries for the win.

Lucent Heart MMO Dating Game Coming To North America. Lonely much? Well, now you can get in your cyber kicks along with your monster hunting kicks. Two birds…one stone.

Red Wii DSi XL Bundles Coming In November. Black and white not doing it for you? Well, no worries….a red Wii is on the way.

Michael Jackson The Experience Delayed On PS3, Xbox 360. Ubisoft has to make some better plans to squeeze money out of this one and it looks like a delay was necessary.

Fable III DLC Included With New Copies. Free DLC with a full game? Now we’re talking.

NBA Jam Has Online Multiplayer On PS3, Xbox 360.NBA Jam Has Online Multiplayer On PS3 and Xbox 360. Well it should. Now if only we could get this cross-platform multiplayer in order, then it’ll be perfect.


Scribblenauts Dev Announcing Xbox Live Arcade Game Next Week. Anything new from the creative bunch at 5th Cell is always good news.

ModNation Racers Gets Free DLC Double XP Weekend. Excellent news for people who can now afford to throw a few hours into this game.

Fallout New Vegas Patched for Xbox 360; Second Patch Arrives for PC. Let the patching begin.

Mafia II Joe’s Adventures Release Date Price Announced. If you’re still putting time into Mafia II then the new DLC pack will probably help prolong that experience.

BlizzCon 2010: Diablo III Demon Hunter Class Revealed. Finally, new info on Diablo III

Breach Hardcore Mode for Xbox Live Detailed. A list of functions that come with the new Hardcore mode.


Castlevania Lords of Shadow Review. It’s time to find out if an all-star cast with all-star production values can cut the custard.

KillZone 3 High Quality Beta Gameplay Available. If HQ is your thing then you might not want to miss this HD HQ gameplay.

Super Meat Boy XBLA Review. Is this boy meaty enough to pass the bar as play-worthy? Click the link to find out.

Sonic 4 Episode 1: XBLA Game Review. Sega’s Sonic reinvention is available on the Xbox Live Arcade and XBLA Fans has a review up for it.

Sonic Free Riders Japanese Kinect Walkthrough Trailer. An embarrassing walkthrough of using Kinect to play Sonic. Watch it and weep.

That concludes this edition of the Game Blend Weekly Recap. You can check out the Diablo III Demon Hunter class in action with the trailer below. And be sure to stay tuned in for more news and media coming out of BlizzCon 2010.

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