EVGA is running a promotion where hardcore gamers who purchase a GTX460 PhysX enabled processor for an existing GeForce 8800GT/GTX or 9800GT/GTX card will get access to a free copy of Mafia II. While the deal sounds sweet, it’s only for a limited time.

Any purchase of the EVGA GTX460 after October 13th will be eligible within a 30 day period to register the card and receive access to a free copy of Mafia II, which was designed specifically with PhysX in mind. That means that parts fly higher, cars shred more metal and buildings excrete more debris after receiving a TNT enema.

Take note that the GTX460 isn’t compatible with just any card and before grabbing one to enhance your physics-based gaming experiences, be sure to check out the complete list of compatible Nvidia GeForce cards for the GTX460 by heading on over to the Official EVGA Website.

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