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Gamers only have to wait a matter of hours before Uncharted 4: A Thief's End unlocks and they can enjoy Naughty Dog's magnum opus. However, before actually playing the game there is a prerequisite day one patch that must be installed first and we have the details on what the day one update will include.

Gamespot listed some of these features, which will be packed into a two-tier patch that includes update 1.01 and update 1.02. According to DualShockers, the 1.02 patch is available right now on PSN and makes some minor fixes and improvements to the game... some basic, general stuff. Likely some minor bugs or glitches that Naughty Dog caught just after going gold.

The original 1.01 patch for Uncharted 4 is a much larger beast, containing a number of updates, modes and features all packed within a 5GB download. You'll gain access to the game's beta-tested and gamer-approved multiplayer mode, a new single player encounter, and a series of bonus features outside of the main game or multiplayer.

Some of the bonus features include a photo mode, a character model viewer, render modes, additional gameplay modes, single-player modes, a journal viewer, concept art galleries and a weapon selector. All of that is jammed in amongst additional fixes and bug squashes.

The 5GB download is likely going to set back some gamers in their excitement given that many expect to plop the disc in and start playing right away. Gamers out there who had the bandwidth privileges to pre-load the game ahead of its May 10th release have been able to download Uncharted 4 and get all the patches and content primed and ready ahead of the official release.

A 5Gb patch is no walk in the park for some people, though. That's likely going to take all night to download on a standard broadband connection. However, this is likely Naughty Dog's preemptive way of curbing piracy of Uncharted 4 down the line. Anyone who eventually gets a modded console and attempts to get a pirated copy won't be able to get their hands on a lot of the other core features unless they go online and download the patch. A lot of AAA titles have been doing that lately, either hiding some features behind day one patches or restricting play until the launch day patch is installed.

For instance, Far Cry Primal had the Expert Mode locked behind its day one patch, as noted on the Ubisoft website. A resolution bump was included in the day one patch for Trials Fusion, as reported by Eurogamer. And Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve had the mobile companion app and skins attached to its day one patch.

Once the patch is done downloading and installing, you'll be able to enjoy Uncharted 4 and experience the game that's been receiving near perfect scores across the critical spectrum. The third person shooter is supposedly the final game in the series from Naughty Dog, but they're not averse to some other studio coming in and picking up where they leave off. Uncharted 4 will be available exclusively for the PS4 for $60.

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