Where Am I? Could Be The Scariest Game Ever

I didn't finish it...the game, Where Am I?. It's a small Unity-based game designed from Parsec Productions...the same people that brought you the original Slender. I'm here to tell you that somehow Parsec managed to make a game even creepier than Slender. How is it possible? Well how about you play it for yourself and see.

The free-to-play title runs within the comfort of your browser. There is no setup for the game. There is no plot or story. You simply appear inside of a room and you walk through various corridors. However, there is a trick: you actually aren't walking through corridors, the corridors are moving you along.

Unlike Slender, where you have a sense of location and scope, that all disappears in Where Am I?. You no longer have an idea of what's going on and the majority of your time is spent trying to figure out where you are and what's going on.

The thing that makes it even scarier is that the entire game changes, alters and rearranges to push you into a corner...or rather, push you into the arms of fate, while you're playing. It's creepy beyond explanation because the entire structure of the game changes every time you look around. It's like some frightening episode from Doctor Who.

However, if you think that rearranging corridors that play tricks on your mind is scary, the blurring of your vision as you go deeper into the corridors, the almost non-existent whispers that grow louder and the heart-pounding music all add to game's horrifying appeal.

I suppose the striking part about Where Am I? is that even with the creepy atmosphere and audio design, the scariest part of the game is that you eventually find out that you aren't alone in the ever-changing corridors. Just looking behind you can sometimes change your fate for better...or for worse.

Play the game if you dare but I suggest you bring along a second pair of man-panties, just to wear over your face to keep the scares to a minimum. You can play the game over at the Official Where Am I? Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.