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During Nintendo's pre-E3 conference they unveiled a number of different features centering around the Nintendo Wii U, their upcoming next-generation home console. The system has been basked in mystery ever since its announcement last year during E3, but today Nintendo was slightly forthcoming about some of the system's capabilities, including the much talked about Nintendo Network, and a new meta-verse for Mii avatars known as the MiiVerse.

The conference briefly looked at the connectivity and social functionality that Nintendo will be rolling out alongside the Wii U, and it's leaps and bounds better than what the Wii originally had to offer up with those dreadful friend-codes.

Basically, the Nintendo Network is now setup a lot like the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. Once connected you can view a number of different social outlets thanks to the avatar-powered MiiVerse or Mii Universe. The idea behind this feature is that just like with the Live Avatars on the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation Home from Sony, the MiiVerse offers gamers a visual forum to connect with other players, share information, form groups, find groups, make friends and generally socialize.

The MiiVerse also sports the ability to customize your groups and lists with logos, banners and what-me-nots. This function makes it easy to find groups of gamers who enjoy playing the kind of games you enjoy. You can also group up family members, rivals and more so your network allows you to socialize the way you want.

Expect more details about the Nintendo Network before E3 is out. At least Nintendo is serious about stepping into the hardcore gaming arena with a legitimate online gaming network service.

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