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Witcher 3 Gets Another Major Patch

CD Projekt Red is continuing to fix up and address some of the issues that gamers have encountered in The Witcher 3, including the very nasty experience bug that prevented some gamers from receiving any proper experience from quests after completing them. There's a massive list of fixes that has arrived in patch 1.05, which has rolled out for PC and PS4 and is going live soon for Xbox One owners.

Game Informer does a brief write-up on the new Witcher 3 patch where all the details are available in a changelog you can view over on the official Witcher 3 website.

Community manager Marcin Momot listed all the updates in patch 1.05 and oh boy is it a doozy. There are around different changes made in the recent patch, including fixing Geralt's interaction with candles when near chests. One of the big alterations is the experience handed out for quests that were slightly lower than the player's current level. That one really caused gamers to get bummed out because there were a lot of quests they weren't able to complete due to that error.

There were also a lot of other errors where players couldn't interact with objects in the environment due to one thing or another. CD Projekt Red has addressed these issues in The Witcher 3, so if you found yourself ready to interact with a chest, person or quest item and you find yourself jiggling around, getting stuck or trapped in a loop, CD Projekt Red is already on the task.

One of the other big problems that the developers have addressed is the game crashing when loading a saved game. They've fixed this problem up nice and neat. This issue was also quite prevalent with Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where a lot of PS3 owners ran into massive problems with the game's DLC due to the RAM limitations on the console.

Some of the fixes are also kind of funny, like Geralt getting stuck to a ship that's sinking if he's trying to aim with his crossbow. There was also an exploit where players could pick up seashells and sell the pearls inside for insanely high prices. Ah, the glorious fun of game glitches.

For the most part, The Witcher 3 has been a very popular and well received open-world RPG for home consoles and PC. While there are tons of fixes and bugs that CD Projekt Red are fixing in the game, most players are still enjoying their experience in the Northern Realm.

Apart from the glitches and bug fixes, CD Projekt Red has also increased playability factors in the game, such as increasing the variety of drop rates throughout the game world, as well as increasing the variety of items that players can buy in shops scattered throughout The Witcher 3.

Shops also only show weapons and gear that match the player's level as opposed to showing stuff you couldn't use for like 10 levels from your current position. Crafting diagrams have also been further clarified so it's easier to make some items. So yeah, CD Projekt Red took the time out to make the game even more fun than it already is.

You can check out the full list of changes in the latest patch on the official website.

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