Witcher 3's First Nude Mod Has Arrived

The Witcher 3 is a game with loads of nudity. However, a new community mod gives players even more naked flesh to ogle.

Warning: Images in the screenshot gallery below aren't safe for work, unless your employer lets you look at bare virtual asses.

The mod takes away all the clothing of Ciri, the secondary hero of the game. She wears her back scabbard and nothing else. The modder believes that her nude appearance isn't actually used anywhere in the game. It's interesting, then, that the model would exist at all but this wouldn't be the first time a developer created a nude version of a character without using them

This Witcher 3 mod isn't just for the fellas, though. It also lets you see more of Geralt. It removes his white boxer shorts so that he's completely nude when he doesn't have any armor.

Creator lordjb accomplished the feat by simply renaming files. This trick didn't work for all characters, though. He tried to make Triss, Yennefer and Keira permanently nude as well but it didn't work. I imagine he'll figure it out eventually, though.

The mod has already racked up several thousand downloads so far. I'd imagine it would be even more successful if the game didn't already have plenty of sexual content. As Geralt, the player can sleep with several women and be treated to some pretty explicit sex scenes. They go much further than the flashes of sideboob and butt you saw in Mass Effect.

The whole idea of a nude mod is fascinating to me. It stands to reason that someone with an Internet connection and a desire to see naked people would just look at porn instead of downloading a mod that removes video game characters' clothing. What makes someone choose a nude mod over porn? Is it because the mod lets them look at boobs and play the game at the same time? Or is it the thrill of being able to see a character naked when they're not supposed to?

Whatever the reasons for their appeal, nudity mods have a strong following. I'm sure we'll see other similar creations for Witcher 3 in the future. Skyrim has received several nudity and sex mods since its release. I'm sure that the RPG fans that used those mods will be looking forward to using mods for Witcher 3, another medieval fantasy game with better top-end graphics.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.